Welcome to our site for the litigant in Person.


This site will develop shortly to provide a resource for those forced in to, or choosing to become a litigant in person in the UK.

Lawyers are expensive - really expensive, and for many tasks there is no reason you cannot act in person.



REPORT - Excellent Report on Litigant in Person Acceptance by "professionals"

XChange - Various useful links

As the site develops we will show examples, case studies, details on costs (the real truth), and a number of other issues relating to your ability to manage and present a case for yourself as a litigant in person. If anyone has successfully (or unsuccessfully) managed a case then many of us would appreciate an account of your experiences, along with documents you think others might find useful. We hope also to provide blank documents to help set out your documents correctly.

If you have any additional links that might be of use then please email them to links@thelitigantinperson.co.uk